BRINSON+BANKS: photography team based in Los Angeles

We are Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks, a commercial photography team based in Los Angeles. We collaborate with each other, our team, and our clients to create portraiture and lifestyle imagery that creates a mood or captures a feeling.
We met in a photojournalism class in college and fell in love with photography and storytelling at the same time in the same place. But we didn’t fall in love with each other until two years later. Before we joined forces to create something more colorful and surreal as a team, we worked individually for the likes of TIME Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Sports Illustrated and FADER for several years.




For this shoot you guys took a trip to Joshua Tree. How was the trip?
Well, technically we did not go to Joshua Tree. We were looking for a landscape that looked like Joshua Tree National Park without the crowds and tourists. So we rented a small solar powered geodesic dome near Pioneertown, California in the Mojave Desert. The place was really closer to glamping than it was a house, but we liked that vibe. This off-the-grid location, miles down a windy narrow dirt road, gave us the desolate uniquely beautiful backdrop that we thought would be a perfect fit for Meltin’Pot’s adventurous spirit, and perfect contrast to the urban feel of the clothing. The trip was an exciting adventure in itself and we had a blast with the models. That night, after wrap and when the models were gone, we cozied up in the one-room dome, kept warm by the wood-burning stove from the freezing desert night.

You’ve shot some pretty striking characters in the past. Who were the most interesting to work with? Any funny stories to share?

Well, due to Kendrick’s red hair, she was given the nickname ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ by Snoop Dogg while we were photographing the infamous rapper. We have also photographed President Obama during the Democratic National Convention, jumped over lava at sunset to shoot on top of an active volcano in Guatemala, and been rolled a joint by Bob Marley’s son while shooting at the Marley compound in Miami, Florida.




Brinson + Banks, on a professional and personal level a good match! How is it working with your partner?

We feel incredibly blessed not only to be in love, married, and share a passion for photography, but also to get to create together. We still love to go off and shoot on our own, and it certainly adds tension to a relationship to work together, but the work we can create as a team is a level of creativity that neither of us could achieve on our own and that’s where the magic is for us.

Your famous pose (Banks lifting Brinson) became an international hit. Since you guys are both in the picture who is taking all these photos?

Well, we do have a remote for the camera, but it doesn’t work that far away, so normally we put the camera on self-timer ?and David presses the button before running and ?scrambling over obstacles to get to Kendrick before ?the 10-second timer is up and the shutter trips.

What was the nicest place you took a #brinsonbanks picture together?
It is tough to say where the best place we have shot our #brinsonbanksing pose is. One of the most interesting recent places was at the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. For us, these are really just vacation photos and a way to chronicle our own lives and the places we are lucky enough to see.


What does the future hold for you guys?

If we have our way, our future will be filled with outstanding clients, tons of travel, and an ever-continuing flow of personal photographic projects. And then one day to retire and be that old couple traveling around in an RV still taking photos.




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