Chesca Miles, model, actress and motorcycle stunt rider!

Maya Chesca Miles is a 23 year ?old model, actress and motorcycle stunt rider based in London, UK.
She has been stunt riding professionally since 2011 and has worked with some of the film and entertainment industries most highly respected individuals and companies all around the world. Her dream is to have a career in the field which she is passionate about and her training and experience have enabled her to work towards the fulfilment of that dream. She sees her modelling and acting work combined with the stunt work as an opportunity for her to express her love in what she does.




Stunt rider, model & actress - interesting combination!

Thank you very much! I am exceedingly fortunate to be able to work in fields that I love so dearly.

How did your career as a stunt rider start?

It all came about when I first learnt about street-bike freestyle. Once I knew it existed, I fell in love immediately and there was no going back. It was a long road to learn the tricks and to deal with falling off and getting back on again, but once you set your mind in the right place and stop allowing yourself to be restricted by fear, you can then progress through each valuable step.
I was very fortunate to have friends to help and assist me along the way, allowing me to have more confidence to keep progressing through training. After a few years, I slowly started doing some shows and events which eventually progressed to film, TV, media and commercial work.

Winters are cold in the UK. What do you do to keep warm?

This is a bit of a catch 22 situation! When it’s cold, I need to train really hard during my training sessions so that I keep warm. Obviously, layers of T-shirts, jumpers and thermals all play their part too. The best comfort in the cold, however, is a constant flow of tea and the van’s heating during breaks!

Besides your stunt bike, do you have any other motorbikes or means of transportation?

I have! I own another CBR 600 which I am looking to re-build very soon and a couple of pit bikes. I also have a van which I use to transport my bikes to shows and events, and my car which is an Audi TT.
You’ve worked on some pretty big Hollywood movies. What was the most fun experience?

Every experience has been fun in one way or another. I take everything that I have done and look at how those experiences help me to grow and learn in my industry and as a person, so I value and enjoy every moment. I have had the absolute pleasure of working on Fast 6 and launching the latest James Bond novel as a Bond Girl as well as featuring in Vogue and working with some of the most respected individuals and companies within the film and fashion industries.

What gets you motivated?

Music! I feel that each and every situation you face throughout the day has a theme tune or type of music that fits perfectly. When I wake up, I play get-up-and-go, fast paced music. When I am about to ride, I will put on film scores from action movies, dubstep and music that motivates. And when I am doing all of my paperwork and E-mails at the end of the day, ?I will put on Jazz or chill-step to mellow the mood. Music helps motivate me entirely.

What adventures have you planned next?

I have various commercial shoots and advertising campaigns approaching, along with some film projects which are still in development stages and stunt shows this year. I am constantly looking to work and build my career as much as possible, so I try and stay as busy as I can!




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