Daniel Kong interview

Where will life take you this summer?
This summer I will be travelling to a few different places: Brunei (my childhood home town), Taiwan with my best friend, and if I can find time, to Bali as well for some much needed rest and rejuvenation! So all in all a summer full of exploration!

What was your inspiration/starting point for the shoot?
I’ve been really drawn to the work of an Australian photographer called Aimée Han who I met once. Her photos are taken all on film and she blogs here (http://cavaan.blogspot.com/). She takes really odd but intriguing photos, and that’s where I came up with the overall theme of “everyday abstract”: looking at pedestrian moments that one might consider boring with a quirky element.

What was your favorite Meltin’Pot product to work with and why?
I personally loved the Lower D1727 with its faded rustic blue. I paired it with a white Meltin’Pot shirt and a black blue kimono
for the photoshoot. The jeans just made the kimono look just a little bit more believable and casual for the street and fit me like a glove.

What was your favorite Meltin’Pot product to work with and why?
I really like those camo shorts, I wore them every day, even when the shoot days were finished.

Are there any anecdotes to tell about the shoot? Some funny things happened?
I wanted to take a picture of my friend Rodrigo from the Red Couch Tattoo shop wearing a Meltin’Pot top while he
was tattooing me. I was so focused on the shoot, that I didn’t realize he was inking my leg for real. Now I have this skull on my skin forever.

Does the location where you live and work influence your way of working?
Yes of course. I believe it is important to live where you want and with who. You are constantly influenced by what you have around you. I live in a small house with my friends. We work together everyday since the beginning.




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