Guido Borso, compulsive photographer and fanzine great collector

What was your favorite Meltin’Pot product to work with and why?
I really like those camo shorts, I wore them every day, even when the shoot ?days were finished.
600x300 GB 05

Are there any anecdotes to tell about the shoot? Some funny things happened?
I wanted to take a picture of my friend Rodrigo from the Red Couch Tattoo ?shop wearing a Meltin’Pot top while he was tattooing me. I was so focused on the shoot, that I didn’t realize he was inking my leg for real. Now I have this skull on my skin forever.
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Does the location where you live and work influence your way of working?
Yes of course. I believe it is important to live where you want and with who. You are constantly influenced by what you have around you. I live in a small house with my friends. We work together everyday since the beginning.


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Guido is a compulsive photographer; he loves to shoot all the time, all day long. Every moment is useful for him to immortalize life.

"I shoot pics ‘cause I don’t want to forget anything”.
His camera is always withm him in his pocket: it’s his “faithful travel companion”, who saves experiences and freezes life’s moments.
So young, he already has billions of terabyte full of photos. Obsessed by real life and authentic context.
Fanzine great collector.




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