Maya Fuhr, Photographer from Canada


Maya Fuhr is a photographer that creates cinematic images that represent young culture today, while shooting contemporary fashion spreads and portraits filled with depth and emotion. She finds the distinct details and subtle nuances in her subjects and transports the viewer to the unique, nostalgic world of 35mm film. Maya is a crucial contributor to the emerging new wave of fresh artists. Being a member of The Ardorous, an all-female art collective established in Toronto, her work is constantly featured in the media as part of the female epidemic of powerful, influential artists making a difference. Her work has been recognized and published globally in magazines like VICE, i-D, Nylon and many more.
Where did you guys hang out for this Meltin’Pot photoshoot?

We hung out at my friend Steph’s studio/loft space. She’s a make-up artist and visual artist studying at Ontario’s Contemporary Art & Design School. Then we got on the subway to go to the bowling alley!



Who would be the ultimate person to take pictures of?

The ultimate person to photograph would probably be Iris Apfel, the fashionable grandma, or otherwise Brangelina’s indigenous kid Shiloh. I’m really into different age spectrums right now!

What’s your biggest inspiration? Other artists? Music?

I’m really into my artist friends I just went to LA with. It was like we were in Photography Club! Claire Milbrath, Rebecca Storm, Monika Mogi and Dafy Hagai. I’m also into listening to Spooky Black (Lil Spook) right now. He has mellow, sexy, emotional R & B ?style music. I listen to him a lot during shoots along with Sean Nicholas Savage and others. ?I love going to the museum- that inspires me most.




Some of your photos show intimate insights in people’s lives. How do you find the people that are featured in your photos?

The people featured in my photographs are people that are actually in my life, for the most part. The reason they are so intimate is because we’re usually hanging out and comfortable, so I’m merely documenting their mood. My photography is very intuitive! I take photos instantly if I’m into what I see. Having beautifully vulnerable friends makes it easy.
Any taboos left in photography?
Yes, it’s gross that commercial photography is so into transforming people’s bodies to be unrealistically thin and smooth. I like raw photography that highlights people’s natural form.

How would you describe your photography style?

My photography style is pretty raw and honest.


We really love your series Garbage Girls and Diary Girls. How did these co me together?

Thanks! The idea for Garbage Girls came to me by living in Montreal. I was surrounded by a lot of gorgeous, young, dirty pals. Everyone was really living their lives, opposed to an orderly, slightly boring and clean way of living. It inspired me mostly because I don’t have a messy room. The contrast between feminine & phallic is what made the GG series so popular. Diary Girls was about looking at female artists on a personal level and seeing their diary entries and what is going on inside their creative brains.

Any interesting upcoming projects you want to share?

In April, I’ll be showing portraits and creating a crazy installation at the AGO Art Gallery of Ontario around the theme of artist Basquiat while standing for the young, contemporary art scene today. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be taking many colorful, vivacious and strange portraits of artists to grace the walls alongside a fancy party scene.




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