Sistiana: Vlogger from Milan

Sistiana is an Italian YouTube vlogger, singer/songwriter and actress. Since 2008 she shares her adventures on the web, followed by her little dog, Moki. She loves to travel and create. Her videos are a mixture of everyday life and music. She loves photography.




What was your inspiration for this shoot?

The inspiration for this shoot was the music you take with you wherever you go, on the streets, on the subway. The people you see walking by in your city, the stories, the friendship, and, of course, my dog :)

What was your favorite Meltin’Pot product you wore for this shoot?
I loved the Metta Leggings style jeans which are super comfortable and fit like a glove, and the Blanco jeans which have that vintage style and work really great with the female body.




Seeing your online videos, you must have a lot of clothing :) What are your favorite shopping cities?
Let’s say I love to find clothes and accessories that can be mixed and matched that represent my personality and make me feel feminine yet comfortable :) I love New York City to shop, they have great deals and a lot of thrift stores that I love!

We hear you have a beautiful voice and also play the guitar. Is there an album coming out soon?

Thanks! I have a new song coming out in spring 2015; can’t wait for you to listen to it!

A lot of your followers connect with you online. Any funny real-life interactions ever happened? 

Yes, it happens pretty often. Whenever I run into some followers, I love stopping to chat and take selfies! I love them so much, they’re awesome!




Fun things ahead of you! Where does life take you next?

I hope life will take me to a Malibu apartment on the beach, haha! Just kidding, I hope life will take me to many more new experiences, like this one with Meltin’Pot, and I hope I will have the chance to travel and to have a bigger house.




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